Curriculum Vitae

Collin J. Schwantes


Dedicated researcher with seven years experience processing data in R and ArcGIS for R1 university research laboratories.


Research Communication Programming
Regression analyses Graphics production R
Database management Map production Markdown
Data quality control PowerPoint MySQL
Data extraction from websites Spanish – fluent Excel


2013-2015 M.A. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology; University of Colorado Boulder
2006-2011 B.S. Evolutionary Biology, Spanish Linguistics, Zoology; University of Wisconsin Madison

Professional Experience

2015-Present GIS Specialist and Spatial Analyst, University of Colorado Museum of Natural History
2013-2015 Research Assistant, Drs. Deane Bowers and Andrew Norton, University of Colorado Boulder, Landscape Ecology and Remote Sensing
2014 Chair’s Research Assistant, Dr. Deane Bowers, University of Colorado Boulder, Foraging Native Bees’ Perception of Risk(Fall 2014)
2014 Teaching Assistant, General Biology, University of Colorado Boulder (Spring 2014)
2010-2013 Research Technician, Dr. Tim Meehan, Great Lakes Biofuel Research Center, UW- Madison, Agroecology and GIS
2008-2013 Research Technician, Dr. Hannah Gaines, Department of Entomology, UW- Madison, Pollination Ecology
2009-2012 Research Technician, Dr. Jamin Dreyer, Department of Entomology, UW- Madison, Nutrient Cycling, Isotopic labeling
2008-2009 Research Technician, Dr. Benjamin Werling, Department of Entomology, UW- Madison, Ecosystem Services
2007 Biological Field Technician, Cedarburg Science LLC, Habitat restoration and invasive species management (Summer 2007)

Publications in Preparation

Collin Schwantes, Adrian Carper, Stacey Endriss, Bernadette Kuhn, Andrew Norton, M. Deane Bowers, Mary Jamieson. Investigating land use effects on bee communities using remotely sensed data

Collin Schwantes, Deane Bowers. Flower occupying arthropods mediate foraging behavior in native bees

Awards and Grants

2014 GIS Colorado Scholarship Award Winner, GIS Colorado
2014 Research Grant, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

Presentations at Professional Conferences

2015 C.J. Schwantes, A. L. Carper, M. A. Jamieson. Quantitative Biology Symposium, Boulder Colorado
2014 C. J. Schwantes, D. M. Bowers. Entomological Society of America Meeting, Portland, Oregon
2014 A. L. Carper, C. J. Schwantes, A. P. Norton, M. D. Bowers, V. A. Scott, S. Edriss, B. Kuhn, M. A. Jamieson. Entomological Society of America Meeting, Portland Oregon
2014 C.J. Schwantes, A. L. Carper, M. A. Jamieson. Geospatial Conference in the Rockies, Grand Junction Colorado

Workshops and Invited Talks

2015 C. J. Schwantes. Denver Botanic Gardens Pollinator Week Meet the Scientist. Factors affecting Bee Communities: from the flower to the landscape.
2015 C. J. Schwantes, J.L. Darcy. Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Seminar Series. An introduction to Adobe Illustrator for Science Communication.
2014 C. J. Schwantes. University of Colorado Museum of Natural History Sunflower Community Project. Insects of Sunflowers

Professional Activities and Societies

2014-2015 GIS Colorado scholarship committee member
2014-2015 GIS Colorado member
2014-2015 Entomological Society of America member

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